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Everything You Need To Know About Bad Ice Cream Game

There are so many games present on the internet today. As technology develops, games also do. One example of the game is the bad ice cream game. It is a game that was released in flash on December 10 by Nitrome. In this game, the aim is to get all the fruits in the maze, avoiding the monsters and finishing each level up. Well, this game may be one of those tricky games since in each level you need to beat all the monsters in different forms using the ice cream based characters.

  • The first thing to do is to click the "CLICK TO LICK" button to have access on the main menu.
  • Click the "PLAY" button to start the game. If you want to play in single mode, press the "SPACEBAR" and add members by pressing the "Q" key.
  • Select the first level of the game to start and the dialog box will appear, press "CONTINUE" to move from one instruction to another to play the game.
  • The goal is to get all the fruits in the maze using the "ARROW KEYS" to move and "SPACE BAR" for action. You need to escape the monsters and pass the said level.

You are to pass the 40 levels so as to finish the game. Each level has different challenges for you to accomplish. However, everything is not easy as the previous level. As you increase level, you are also to experience different characters and monsters which will in turn give thrill and fun in the game. Click here for more games.

The enemies in bad ice cream 1

Each enemy appears on each level to flatten the bad ice cream character as it moves to collect fruits. Here are the following enemies that you can encounter during the course of the game:

  • Green troll - it walks in the whole maze and changes direction as it reaches a block or ice.
  • Black and white cows - they function as the green trolls but can randomly change direction.
  • Orange squid - it smashes blocks with its arrow horn on its head. It follows the ice cream character and breaks the ice to get the player when needed.
  • Pot creature - it can slowly walk and gradually walk faster to chase the player.
  • Logman - rolls quickly as the player is in the same row to get it.
  • Green squid - it acts just like orange squid but moves faster than it.
  • Blue cows - they move faster than the orange squid and it also chases the player.
  • Duck - they can fly over ice blocks and chase the player.
  • Jumping ball towers - digs a hole underneath to chase the player yet moving slowly.
  • Blue squid - it functions just like the other squids however, it can destroy rows of ice.
  • Yellow cows - the fastest cow and moves a little faster than the player.
As mentioned, the bad ice cream character is to collect the following fruits to finish the level:
  • Bananas, grapes, watermelons, lemons and oranges - stationary fruits.
  • Kiwifruits - can be captured easily but slow, it can move around the maze randomly.
  • Strawberries - slightly faster than the kiwifruits yet moving around the maze randomly.
  • Pineapples - they fly over walls to escape getting frozen. They are also faster than strawberries and moves away from the ice cream character.
  • Pears - difficult to pick, just like pineapples. It also moves away from the ice cream character.
  • Cherries - have the ability to teleport and move from one location to another randomly. The best way to catch them is to freeze them and get them in a fast manner.
Interactive Objects :
  • Hot tiles - melts the ice of the player
  • Arrow tiles - has the ability to change the direction of the created blocks of ice.
  • Campfires - it can burn the character itself however, it can be put out with ice but eventually start to fire up again after a few seconds.
  • Invisible tiles - the character can't walk along invisible tiles however, enemies and fruits can do it.
Some Trivia :
  • The level 20 of the game is similar in reference to the most popular family computer game Pac-Man.
  • It can substitute the game Square Meals. They have similarities which include some related functions of enemies as well as the ice cream character itself, the interface of each level have similarities in terms of perspective.
  • The game is pixelated which makes it somewhat like an arcade game.
  • It also has similarities with the Pac-Man game.
  • It was never told why the ice cream characters are considered "bad" since the only thing they do is collect fruits.